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Advantages of iOS Development for Enterprises: All You Need To Know

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Introduction to iOS development for businesses (key points)

iOS, the heart and soul of iPhones and iPads, has swiftly become a leading choice for businesses worldwide looking to dive into app development thanks to its ease of use, its interoperability features, and Apple’s extensive client portfolio. For companies looking to expand their business into the digital world, participating in app development might seem challenging, but the benefits clearly outnumber the difficulties. Here’s why iOS development can be beneficial for companies.

Advantages of iOS app development: An expert’s guide

Security and privacy

Apple’s approach to user data protection is unparalleled. When businesses opt for iOS, they’re choosing an infrastructure protected with end-to-end encryption, regular security reviews for apps, and constant updates with features to tackle vulnerabilities, such as inter-app encryption and user authentication. 

This not only secures sensitive business data but also fosters customer trust. Moreover, businesses can choose to implement reliable third-party SDKs for further protection. A virtual keyboard can be created using our SDK, for instance, which includes a set of extra security measures to protect the information typed on their keyboards, avoiding keylogging and potential data breaches.

Using iOS app development together with third parties with a strong approach to cybersecurity, companies can make sure that no data breaches occur that affect them or their customers. This way, all users of the app can enjoy its functionalities while being safe that none of their information will be accessed or tracked by someone undesired. 

User interface & UX

Considering that Apple has a broad portfolio of loyal customers, aiming at using its own development tools is an excellent way to ensure an ideal user experience. 

While some developers may choose to use third-party platforms for developing apps, utilising Apple’s development resources contributes to a smoother creation process and ensures compatibility with the operating system. These can be combined with third-party plugins and SDKs specifically dedicated to iOS that enable developers to add extra functions, while they guarantee precise compatibility and reduce development times.

Using SDKs and plugins in iOS app development opens the door to never-ending possibilities of customization and adaptation according to what type of app you want to create. This can help create the perfect app to match all your user needs. However, iOS tools are usually not enough and the development process can still be challenging and time-consuming. That is where third-party SDKs have a key role. In developing virtual keyboards, the Fleksy SDK makes the process faster and smoother, as it enables developers to skip the steps of creating predictive text and autocorrection algorithms, the swipe functionality and other embedded innovative tools.

Faster development

Contrary to the common misconception, developing for iOS can be quicker than other platforms. There is a set of characteristics that make iOS the clear winner in terms of development speed:

  • XCode, Cocoa, and iOS SDKs: iOS has its own iDE with its frameworks and code libraries that developers can pick pieces of code to make the development process faster and error-proof. 
  • Device uniformity: With a uniform device portfolio using the same OS, it’s easier to develop apps that are compatible with all of them. This facilitates the process of creation, testing, and deployment of updates.
  • Original language: Swift is iOS’s own programming language, and it has been specially designed for these devices. This makes all Swift creations 100% compatible with iOS and a smooth development process.

High-value customers

While Samsung and other phone manufacturers present a 70% loyalty rate, at most, Apple has proven to have a 90% rate. This implies that iPhone users are highly likely to choose another iPhone when upgrading their devices. 

At the same time, it is believed that 136 million people own iPhones in the US. For this reason, iOS development opens the door to a huge and ever-growing customer database to which businesses can aim their apps.

App Store apps

With millions of daily visitors, the Apple App Store is a global marketplace for apps. Gaining a slot here means better visibility and credibility, further aided by Apple’s rigorous review process which filters out low-quality apps and users can trust their apps are reliable and of top quality. For this reason, the App Store works as a display to promote, and then monetize your apps.

Voice integration and virtual assistants

Apple is one of the most innovative electronics companies and was the first to introduce voice recognition. Thanks to being the pioneers in this technology, they provide exceptional results in voice and AI integration. This creates the perfect ecosystem for apps including these features. 

Our Fleksy SDK, for instance, can be used with its embedded mini-apps with special features, including a ChatGPT-like tool with advanced deep learning technologies to assist users in content creation, translation, and paraphrasing, resulting in a high-quality iOS custom keyboard with an enhanced user experience.

Enhanced Performance and Optimization

The close integration between Apple’s hardware and software ensures apps run smoothly without lags or crashes. App developers know that this is one of the key aspects for Apple users, and seek to create equally smooth apps compatible with iOS. 

The Fleksy SDK allows developers to create new keyboards that ensure fast typing with fewer typos, a strong autocorrection, and a text prediction engine, as it has even been awarded the Guinness Record for the fastest keyboard, twice.

Monetization Opportunities

Statistics have shown that Apple users are more inclined to pay for apps and their content. Having the guarantee that the App Store performs thorough quality checks to ensure that all apps run smoothly, users know that paying for apps will certainly be of use and that they will have no negative surprises after paying. This results in higher payment rates and company profits.


Apple’s own IDE, XCode, allows developers to test their apps on all of Apple’s devices without having to move from one to another. Run the testing process in various emulators within the program to ensure the absence of any bugs. This makes the development process faster and ultimately results in an enhanced user experience.

Community and support

The iOS developer community is vibrant and ever-growing. From forums and official documentation to developer conferences, the support available is unparalleled, ensuring developers stay ahead of the curve. In addition, there’s a huge community of users who can provide feedback on new features and apps. In 2022, 225.3 million iPhone units were sold. In addition to users who still have devices from previous years, these figures represent an enormous market where company apps can enter and thrive.

Device interoperability

Apple allows developers to reduce production times greatly, as most frameworks offer a code library interoperable across different Apple products. This enables companies to reach various types of users (Mac, iPhone, or iPad users, for instance) in a single development process, enlarging their target audience. 

How Fleksy’s Virtual Keyboard SDK enhances business app success

Fleksy’s SDK has several benefits to offer businesses, including strong security protocols, an enhanced user experience, and personalized tools tailored to your needs. Here’s how our SDK has helped other business industries:


Fleksy is used in the creation of in-app keyboards in electronic payment apps, either connected to bank accounts or digital wallets, to enhance cybersecurity. With its strong security protocols, Fleksy offers a secure tool to protect user data while entering financial information into these types of apps, even in just a few text fields. Using the fastest and most secure allows mobile banking users to perform transactions smoothly without having to worry about their data being leaked.


Businesses in the healthcare sector can also benefit from the Fleksy SDK and its strong security protocols, which ensure all the actors involved in the industry can have secure access to a patient’s digital records, knowing that none of the input data can be accessed by third parties thanks to Fleksy’s commitment to secure texting in healthcare. Custom keyboards can also be used to track patients’ digital phenotyping in healthcare, that is, their particular typing patterns, which can help detect mental diseases and control stress levels.


Companies creating new and innovative devices can use the Fleksy SDK to develop custom keyboards specially designed to suit their users’ needs. For instance, a virtual keyboard SDK has been used in the creation of Palm mobile phones which are so tiny they fit the palm of your hand.  For this project, the company had to create its own keyboard that matched the size of the device. 

A most impressive case is that of Tobii Dynavox, creators of digital assistants for patients diagnosed with LAS, a rare condition that makes patients lose their oral capacities. The Fleksy SDK provided the necessary code for developing a totally new and specialised text input system.


There is no doubt that entering the digital world is key for any business in the current market, and app development is essential to enhance user experience, and thus, customer success. 

Although iOS development for beginners can present challenges for company owners, it is worth investing in it thanks to the many benefits that it can provide. Focusing on iOS app development can make this process easier, especially when combined with specialized third-party SDKs such as Fleksy’s, to ensure a positive outcome and, ultimately, a higher revenue.


Why is it beneficial for businesses to choose iOS app development?

iOS app development has many benefits compared to other operating systems, but its primary advantages stem from the extensive developer community’s readiness to assist, alongside a substantial global customer base, and its ease of use makes the process faster and more profitable.

Is iOS app development profitable?

iOS development is more profitable than other options given that users rely on Apple’s app quality and security check and, for this reason, are more willing to pay for apps than users of other devices. Besides, the tools used in iOS app development help reduce development and testing times, thereby reducing costs.

What is SDK in app development?

SDKs are Software Development Kits, and they contain strings of code that can be embedded within a new app to enable it to activate pre-created functionalities. This allows developers to shorten development time, as they do not need to create and test new code on their own, while still being able to develop a personalized app.

How much does it cost to develop an app for iOS?

The cost of developing an iOS app can vary greatly depending on many factors, especially its complexity, how long it may take for development, how many developers are required for the job, and many more variables. For this reason, the cost of development can be from 2,000 USD to 200,000 USD, a broad price range.

How much does it cost to maintain an app for iOS?

App maintenance costs depend on the changes implemented in every update. However, keeping an app working implies launching a new release every 3-6 months, including new dependencies, new compliances, and checking compatibility with iOS latest version. This process requires paying for the services of at least one iOS developer and one tester. 

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