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Fleksy keyboard technologies


White-label text entry solutions powering the best writing experiences in the world

Unrivaled performance

We’re a 2x Guinness World Record holder for the fastest typing on touchscreens. Our lightweight keyboard SDKs combine high performance, Smart Gestures, Swipe Typing and more out of the box.

Maximum flexibility

With Fleksy keyboard SDKs, you can fully customize the look and feel of the keyboard. From the colors, fonts, sounds, and more! You get full control to make it a natural extension of your brand.

International reach

Fleksy has 82+ languages natively available, enabling instant reach to over 4 billion people worldwide. New languages are added regularly, increasing the capabilities of your most ambitious projects.

White-label ready

Fleksy owns ALL of its technology: source code, algorithms, autocorrection, next-word prediction, dictionaries, swipe, and more. Unlike other virtual keyboards that rely on 3rd parties or open-source, Fleksy has the power to modify and curate its technology to best fit your needs.

Trusted by millions

Fleksy has accumulated 20 million downloads over 10 years on iOS and Android. It has won multiple awards and maintains an outstanding app rating of 4.5 stars!

Highest level of privacy

Privacy is Fleksy’s number one commitment to its millions of users worldwide. No other keyboard on the market has built this level of data encryption and made it a priority to operate on user devices without ever sharing users’ personal data.



What is Fleksy?

Fleksy is a company developing virtual keyboard technologies. Through its SDKs, it enables developers and organizations to build or enhance a text input method on a multitude of platforms such as iOS, Android, Unity and Linux.

How does Fleksy work?

Fleksy works as a fully customizable software development kit (SDK) to build or enhance a virtual keyboard product. It includes more than 82 languages, an award-winning autocorrection, next word predictions and swipe input.

What is the benefit of working with an SDK?

The benefit of working with the Fleksy SDK is by leveraging on a series of core features any device user expects such as autocorrection, word predictions, autocompletion, swipe input, emojis support and more. It also removes the pain of developing a fully features text input method from scratch by providing a solid foundation to the developer or organization using the Fleksy SDK

What are the best features of the Fleksy keyboard?

The best features of the Fleksy Keyboard are its language support (82 languages), an award-winning autocorrection and word predictions engine as well as the support for swipe input.

Is Fleksy keyboard secure?

Yes, Fleksy provides a secure virtual keyboard kit which prevents keylogging and malware across the system or inside an app. As a system-wide virtual keyboard, the Fleksy SDK can be used offline optionally. As an in-app virtual keyboard, the Fleksy SDK can prevent any third party virtual keyboard to be active inside a specific app.

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