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Our Fleksy SDKs enable developers to create fast and intuitive writing apps that ensures a delightful text input experience

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Virtual Keyboard SDK

All you need to build a custom virtual keyboard from scratch.

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Predictive Text SDK

Autocorrection, autocompletion, word predictions and swipe input available in 82 languages.

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  • predictions
  • autocorrect
  • swipe
  • languages
  • UI
  • language layouts
  • emojis
  • data capture
  • themes

Developer toolkits

Feature-rich virtual keyboard toolkits

All our SDKs help developers quickly build an onscreen keyboard or a novel text entry product. Our toolkits are backed by more than a decade of R&D, technological breakthroughs and refinements. They make you save precious time while maximising retention and usage.

Global scale

The backbone for text input products

We help developers build for millions of users. We are responsible for elevating every end-users typing experience across 82 languages. Start delivering your product to a global user base today with our award-winning autocorrection, predictions and swipe input.


years of product enhancements in the palm of your hand


million of users type on Fleksy’s technologies


languages supported, enabling your app to reach +4B people worldwide


30 day retention rates on average across clients using Fleksy

Designed for developers

Ship quickly on all major platforms

Our SDKs work across iOS, Android, Unity, Flutter and more. We are obsessed about improving the core features of the virtual keyboard so you can spend it on what matters most: your core, your value, your product.

Designed for developers

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Explore Fleksy SDKs, or start building your text input application by creating an account instantly. You can also put us in touch with your colleagues and we will design a custom package for you.

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Start building for free and upgrade to access more features starting at only $269/mo with our Yearly One Plan.

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