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Fleksy Empowers Ksana Health’s Text Input Biomarkers

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London, UK — 17/01/2024

Today, Fleksy is proud to share that it is now powering Ksana Health’s text-input biomarker components inside the company’s mobile applications for Mental Health research and treatment. Prior to using Fleksy’s SDKs, Ksana has been relying on a proprietary virtual keyboard designed for clinical settings. When the time came to approach the wider market, Ksana Health needed a market-ready virtual keyboard leveraging the leader in text input technologies: Fleksy. 

Fleksy’s feature-rich SDK provides consumer-ready virtual keyboards, perfectly aligned with Ksana’s commitment to making mental health tools accessible in everyday life.

The Ksana Health Advantage

Ksana Health, founded in 2019, believes in the transformative power of the smallest unit of time, or “Ksana,” to empower individuals to achieve their behavioural change goals. Their vision is to enable better health through utilising research evidence and modern technology for remote behavioural monitoring and adaptive behaviour change support. A critical component of this vision is the analysis of language to track health and wellness. These data points are then  securely and privately processed to provide deeper insights to our users and their healthcare practitioners. 

Dr. Nick Allen, Co-founder of Ksana Health, comments on the collaboration: “Working with Fleksy has been instrumental in elevating our language-based Digital Biomarker solutions. The Fleksy SDK has allowed us to provide a consumer-ready virtual keyboard that aligns seamlessly with Ksana’s products and the company’s mission. Autocorrection, multilingual support, swipe input, and other advanced features contribute to a user-friendly experience that complements our core focus on healthcare innovation.”

The Fleksy Advantage

Fleksy’s Virtual Keyboard development kit boasts a plethora of features that every end-user expects today while typing on their smartphones. Healthcare has evolved greatly in the past years, with technologies enabling better care and improved treatment, remotely. 

With everyone using a smartphone today, this tiny and powerful computer provides millions of ways to help practitioners and end-users themselves understand their health like never before possible. This is where Fleksy was able to provide Ksana’s its Data Layer from within their SDK alongside a solid typing experience as a foundational element to Ksana. 

Olivier Plante, CEO of Fleksy, adds “Ksana Health is yet another example of how Fleksy is impacting Mental Health innovation globally. Nick’s team is pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare and we’re very excited to be part of it” 

The collaboration with Fleksy has enabled Ksana Health to streamline its efforts, focusing on its core value proposition in the healthcare space. The companies share their strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a meaningful impact on mental health care.

About Ksana Health

Ksana Health was founded in 2019 in Eugene, Oregon to make the tools and findings developed by the University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health into products and services that will transform mental health care and research. Led by Dr. Nick Allen, a Professor of Clinical Psychology with extensive research and clinical experience, and Tony Scripa a former partner level Microsoft executive and experienced startup leader, Ksana Health aims to give clients, practitioners, administrators, and researchers the digital tools that will define the future of mental health. These objective, passive remote patient monitoring tools make ongoing assessment easy and accessible to researchers, behavioral health leaders, practitioners, and health systems. Learn more at

About Fleksy

Fleksy is an award-winning virtual keyboard technology provider. The Fleksy Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable developers and companies to overcome the challenge of building a top-notch typing experience across various platforms. With support for +82 languages, autocorrection, predictions and swipe input backed by two Guinness World Records for the fastest typing on touchscreen, Fleksy’s technologies are proven to delight end-users worldwide. Fleksy customers can therefore focus on their area of expertise and market expansion confidently. For more information, visit

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