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Fleksy hires former AccuWeather veteran Joe Gore to add Fleksy on any screens you touch

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Today, I’m proud to announce that Joe Gore is joining our team as Head of Sales and Business Development. Our company who’s recently raised a Series A round is excited to welcome former AccuWeather Director and Business Development veteran Joe Gore aboard.

As Head of Sales and Business Development, Joe will lead our sales team focusing on direct sales and partnerships as well as a revenue growth strategy directed at bringing value to end-users, clients, and Fleksy. He will also lead efforts to expand into new market segments, moving into new verticals by embedding the Fleksy keyboard SDK onto Billions of touch screens worldwide.

With over 15 years pre-loading AccuWeather’s products onto billions of devices worldwide, Joe has worked with several major brands in the digital space such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Fitbit among many other digital verticals like Social Media and Messaging Apps, Telecoms, Mobile Solutions, Consumer Electronics, etc. For the senior executive, embedding tech is a very common playing field.

In a future where screens are simply everywhere, from your in-car screens all the way to mental health digital apps, we have a very large pond to fish in. Joe says: “There are so many examples of horrible typing experiences where the consumer ends up frustrated.”

With this new addition to the core team and the recent funding, our team is clearly onto something bigger than itself. We are making big moves in an underserved touchscreen market where the big incumbents are imposing their full-blown operating systems while companies don’t necessarily want/need that. And this is where the addition of a veteran such as Joe Gore is one extra step in making sure that we own the market before anyone else tries. Joe mentions: “Fleksy team has a tremendous experience and expertise in the software keyboard space that only a few possess”

Joe will now be taking the reins of Sales & Business Development, which up until now was one of the many hats I was wearing. I am delighted to have Joe join us. We are clearly on the right track to provide outstanding value when it comes to typing on a screen.

Welcome to our family, Joe!

Joe Gore, Head of Sales and Business Development at Fleksy
Joe Gore, Head of Sales and Business Development at Fleksy
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