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Better and safer public touchscreens with Fleksy’s SDK technologies

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In a world where we find ourselves on the go and constantly on our phones, we need a solution to protect ourselves from the number of invisible dangers lurking on touchscreens. 

In today’s mobile-oriented age, icky things like germs and bacteria can easily be passed from individual to individual when touching a common screen—be it through public touchscreens in airports, a touchscreen shared by multiple people in an office, a touch screen in hospitals, or even a touch screen shared by family members.

What You Don’t See in a Touch Screen

Bacteria like the Enterococcus Faecalis (E. Faecalis) and More

The touch screen, designed to assist humans in communicating, has become a portal of bacteria transmission. This is a problem, as the more we use touch screen devices, the more at risk we are of spreading bacteria and germs around.

In fact, the Enterococcus Faecalis or E. Faecalis is a type of bacteria that has been found on touch screens of mobile and tablets. This type of bacteria has been commonly found in the digestive tract and intestines of humans, however, the bacteria are also passed from person to person by touching an object that the bacteria is on—like a public touchscreen, for example. 

Touchscreen devices are not the only source of E. Faecalis as the bacteria is also commonly found on doorknobs, keyboards, toilet seats, phones, and other items. With this, there’s a chance of experiencing fever, fatigue, headaches, chills, nausea, diarrhea, and more. 

Other bacteria you can contract from a public touchscreen include staphylococcus, also known as “staph.” Staphylococcus can live on the skin, or in the eye of the infected person, and is easily spread to others. A person affected by staph may experience blood poisoning, pneumonia, skin infections, and even toxic shock syndrome, though only if the bacteria gets into an open wound or is ingested. 

Combatting Dirty and Germ-Filled Touchscreens with Fleksy’s Public SDK Technology as a Better Alternative Keyboard

When it comes to enhancing the functionality of mobile applications, Fleksy’s SDK technology takes the performance of a keyword to the next level with unique typing experience features. 

With Fleksy’s Keyboard, you can type faster with less error as the automated keyboard adapts to your typing habits and always suggests the word you’re likely to type next. By using Fleksy’s technology, you can share a common touch screen with confidence that your data is protected—and securely so.

Now, Fleksy has developed a public keyboard SDK that can be incorporated seamlessly into any touchscreen device, enabling any hardware-enabled gesture control system or alike to type without touching the surface of a touchscreen. Fleksy’s technology allows for a safer and more convenient way to use multiple public touchscreens.

Fleksy’s SDK allows hardware developers to take full advantage of the brand to create a better typing experience and engage users. On that note, Fleksy’s technology makes it easy for users to be able to:

  • Ensure that users use the touchscreens with ease of mind as they enjoy a user-friendly keyboard experience on a common touchscreen.
  • Ensure that users can rely on proven autocorrect, next-word predictions and swipe input while interacting with the out-of-home display 
  • Promote a common keyboard interface that can be integrated with any touchscreen device.

The Bottom Line

A Forgiving and Intuitive User-Friendly Keyboard Experience with Fleksy’s virtual keyboard SDK Technology

It’s great to have technology that’s innovative and has massive potential such as touchscreens, but the technology is only as good as its reach and appeal. With Fleksy’s technology, developers are able to incorporate the Fleksy keyboard into public touchscreens and make the experience more enjoyable and user-friendly.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re curious about keyboard SDK technology at large or you’re considering integrating this into your business, it’s best to reach out to the experts in the field.

We offer businesses with a white-label keyboard SDK, allowing companies to create unimaginable products and take their business to the next level. Reach out to us and try our software today!

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