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Thingthing and Fleksy are now together!

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The whole team is super happy to announce that Thingthing has taken over the development of competitor Fleksy, the fastest keyboard in the world!

With it, we’re closer than ever to our goal of bringing you the world’s first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP).

Thingthing users are used to being productive, using the keyboard’s interface to improve their typing experience and reducing time to realize day-to-day activities, which are performed naturally in Thingthing.

Thingthing users are unique to our hearts and we want to make them happier than ever with this move. Not only they’ll have the most advanced keyboard but a set of unique and powerful tools.

— Olivier, CEO of Thingthing Ltd.

Still, a lot of you have requested more languages, more services, more customization, a better auto-correct, etc. This is exactly what we’re bringing to you: what you asked for.

Now, you ask, what will change?

First, as a company, we are now the only independent private keyboard company in the world and the number one European company in the keyboard space. That’s huge for Europe!

Here are some exciting improvements to come in the next few months:

  • iOS and Android keyboards
  • A new brand
  • More themes and extensions
  • Continued focus on data privacy
  • Awesome auto-correction
  • New services thanks to our open keyboard as a platform
  • Ongoing support to all of you!

Fleksy keyboard has been updated and can be downloaded here:



“We’ll vastly improve our offering in the coming weeks, be prepared to see what a keyboard should be: connected, unified and private.”

— Francesc, CTO of Thingthing Ltd.

If you’d like to share any comments, ideas, suggestions, and, mostly, praise (we love that), we’re available via Twitter or via this form.

Are you a service provider or developer?

If you are a service provider or developer looking to build the next “big thing” or you’d like to learn more about our Platform (Beta), please get in touch with us!

Kind regards to all,

— Olivier, CEO on behalf of the whole Thingthing Ltd. team

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