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Fleksy launches the first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP)

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We have been in the keyboard space for some time now. We watch how people interact with it, we hear their frustrations and we have our vision of productivity on a mobile. Gathering all that, we envisioned the KaaP, Keyboard as a Platform, which we predict is the way all people will use keyboards in the future.

Here’s what we mean by it:

A few years back, when you wanted to find something you searched on the web. Today you have “an app for that.” Apps have superseded browsers as the go-to for information and entertainment. The problem with apps is that we have a LOT of them (users have 30 apps installed on mobile phones on average) and we need to switch between them while chatting/emailing to access content – and let’s not talk about copy/paste content from one app to the other, which is clumsy, when it works.

For example, while chatting with a friend on your mobile phone, you want to share a song or decide you want to go for dinner and want to find a restaurant.

What generally happens is that you need to leave the chat, open an app, find the link for what you are searching for (the song, a restaurant), then close this app, open the app you were chatting on, and paste the link. A nightmare.

With fleksyapps, you don’t need to do all this, as your favorite apps will be accessible from within the keyboard!!! So while chatting, if you decide to share a song from a specific singer, you can simply tap on your favorite music app – without leaving the chat! – and share it. Isn’t that practical and revolutionary?
Easy, simple, and instantaneous. Like it should be.

See it in action:

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