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6 reasons you should create a Fleksyapp

CEO of VBoard, Vincent Gibson With another successful Fleksyapp launch in the books, our users can now watch TV from within their favorite messaging platform while they type. As you’ve probably guessed it, integrating companies’ content and services is difficult to work and takes…
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How we built a Privacy-first AI

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from our users asking us how Fleksynext works and how we approach privacy with this feature. So we decided to give you a deeper view of the science behind Fleksynext. Why Fleksynext?…
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Tired of switching between apps?

Us too The average adult has over 30 apps installed on his mobile phone while spending 23 hours a week texting. That got us thinking. At Fleksy, we pride ourselves on being the fastest keyboard in the world. So we decided…
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The New Fleksy: the brand

After Thingthing took over the development of Fleksy, a new era began. The new team, full of energy to build the most secure, fun & productive keyboard in the world was keen to bring Fleksy to new heights. But, in order to…
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