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IoT Data Layer

The Fleksy SDK Data Layer empowers data scientists, software developers and companies in leveraging on-device typing data

On-device capture

Real-World Typing Data

Fleksy’s Virtual Keyboard SDK Data Layer captures first party data in realtime. It stores this Data locally after each typing session. When a typing session includes a vast amount of data points, our system starts storing data in order to reduce memory usage and speed, thus keeping the typing experience fast & rewarding for the end user.


Data science

Data Scientists’ ready

Unlock new frontiers of understanding with on-device behavioral data. The added-value of Fleksy’s Virtual Keyboard SDK Data Layer resides in the monitoring of how people interact with their everyday device. Since the virtual keyboard is used more than 120 times per day, the data gathered can serve various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Media, Cybersecurity, and many more.

Cross apps

Mobile app intelligence

Understanding in which text field the user texts, emails or performs a mobile search can unlock new digital experiences unlike anything we’ve seen before. From hyper-contextual suggestions, real-time cybersecurity alerts – all the way to digital phenotyping, our virtual keyboard Data Layer offers precise data outputs for numerous business applications.

Proven technology

Beloved by millions

With 20+ million downloads worldwide, supporting more than 82 languages, the Fleksy Virtual Keyboard is a proven force in the industry. The combination of our leadership in the industry, expertise in language input technologies, and patented award winning technologies makes Fleksy your perfect partner.

Thingthing Ltd. does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) from the End-User of its Consumer Apps Fleksy Keyboard for iOS and Fleksy for Android (Privacy Policy) nor does it collect any PII from any of its Software Development Kits (“SDKs”) provided in form of a Software License Agreement. Thingthing Ltd. only offers a Data Collection Option to registered companies that are vetted, considered responsible and respectful of handling End-Users’ PII. Please note that the data collected under any Fleksy Software License is the sole responsibility of the Licensee.


Case Study

Saving lives, one key at a time

We’re proud to power several medical-grade solutions in Healthcare. With our technologies, a vast array of companies can capture precise behavioural data such as keypress velocity, subtle vibrations while typing and analyse neurological patterns. Powering the early detection of neurological diseases is part of Fleksy’s ongoing commitment in building a brighter and healthier future, one key press at a time.

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