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The future of the Auto Industry is software

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History, as they say, repeats itself. Even something seemingly contemporary as vehicle culture began in the 17th century when affluent European aristocracy would showcase their custom-built horse-driven coaches in parks.

However, the most significant historical analogy was not with the automobile industry 100 years ago. Instead, it is what occurred with the introduction of the smartphone.

There Will Be a Trend Toward the Most Advanced Technology

In 2007, Nokia controlled over half of the cell phone market. But they were utterly mistaken about the phone’s future. They assumed that creating a smartphone would only entail adding a little extra software to a phone.

Following the release of the iPhone, the market shifted away from companies with hardware competence and to companies with attractive software. That is where we are at the moment in the car sector. Those with the finest technology will dominate the near future, rather than those who can make the best automobile overall.

Software Will Move the Needle

It took 10-15 years for carmakers to introduce software in vehicles because of the high cost of entry for the industry. The market was too locked down for them. However, the advent of car sharing, autonomous vehicles, and cars being used by multiple passengers will completely change how the car industry functions.

Because of this, we will see an incredible shift in how our car’s software will be wholly available. We won’t care about the car company so much as we care about the overall experience and the software running it.

High-quality software, such as Fleksy’s keyboard SDK – a private white-label keyboard software development kit that enables companies to create unimaginable products – may be used by automakers. This can entail providing remarkable experiences for future drivers and passengers with the touch of a technologically advanced touchscreen. Something as simple yet as crucial as providing accurate input where voice and text input can mesh well in providing the best automobile experience for years to come.

Simply look at Tesla, being the most valuable car manufacturer in the world, their secret sauce is a perfect balance between hardware and software, where software is years in front of the more established car companies. 

Intuitive Display of Information

We are currently living in a time when information is the most sought-after asset. Due to this, the car will better provide the driver and the passenger with just the right amount of information and entertainment to be engaging but not distracting. We’ll be able to interact with our car, just as we do our phones, through touch interactions and voice commands. 

Better Navigational Control

Whether you’ve been driving for a few weeks or a few months, we’ve all had moments when we’re driving through rush hour, and we’re cursing the fact that we have to use our phones for directions continuously.

It’s hard to know what app to use, how to use it, and what it will look like. With Fleksy keyboard SDK, carmakers can fully customize the look and feel of the typing portion of the touchpad car system. You get complete control to make it a natural extension of your brand.


We look forward to seeing a shift in power from traditional carmakers to software-focused startups. When cars become more open and are used by more than one customer, it’ll be the software that will determine the company’s success.

Fleksy is here to help businesses build their wonderful products through our white-label keyboard SDK. The state-of-the-art solution we offer is designed for easy integration and is easily the best keyboard technology for any app.

Contact us today to learn more about Fleksy.

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