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How we built a Privacy-first AI

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from our users asking us how Fleksynext works and how we approach privacy with this feature. So we decided to give you a deeper view of the science behind Fleksynext.

Why Fleksynext?

The purpose of Fleksynext is to help you access the relevant services and content you need, quicker. The idea behind the “next” of Fleksynext is that Fleksy understands what app you need to use “after” finishing your sentence. So, there is no need for switching apps. Instead, everything can be done instantly within the keyboard.


At Fleksy, we take privacy very seriously, and as a result, we built Fleksynext with that in mind. Thanks to phones becoming more powerful, we were able to localize our AI on the device itself.

This means that no data is being sent to the cloud and that no one can have access to what you write! Instead, the Fleksy keyboard can analyze, detect and predict services you need, right from within your device. This keeps your identity and personal data secure from not just all Fleksyapps, but also safe from other 3rd party intermediaries too.

How does it work?

Fleksy keyboard, anonymously and locally, aggregates encrypted data which helps build your unique user profile. So things like male or female, vegetarian or carnivore, pasta lover, seafood hater, beach enthusiast, etc… helps Fleksynext to be curated for you.

Fleksynext is able to understand your intent and sentiment as you type. So, depending on what your profile includes, certain keywords will trigger Fleksyapps services or content that is contextually relevant to you.

Check out John’s Experience Using Fleksy

Fleksynext detects John texting his friend saying how he’s “so full of sushi.” Since it’s 2:30 PM the AI engine assumes John already had lunch and likely had sushi. So now, with a high probability, Fleksynext is able to predict a GIF for John to send, rather than a Japanese restaurant for him to discover.

John loves sending GIFs so he simply taps the GIF prediction that appears in the top left corner of his keyboard. He instantly has a plethora of sushi-related GIFs at his fingertips, and the ability to send them with one touch.

Since this experience is ultimately about you, you will always have the power to tap on a Fleksynext suggestion as well as rearrange, add, and delete some Fleksyapps at your will. Fleksynext will also adapt over time so it can improve your user experience by suggesting services more tailored to your needs.

What Fleksyapps would you like to see?

If you are a brand or an app with a service, we want to hear from you! Join our Fleksyapp’s waitlist here:

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