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Fleksy launches its keyboard SDK Developer Platform

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Proud to announce today the launch of the keyboard SDK Developer Platform. After more than 2 years of powering considerably larger clients, Fleksy is now going live with a more developer friendly and accessible version of its powerful keyboard SDK – revamping the process of building a high functioning keyboard.

Although standard keyboard SDKs all provide a software framework, there’s still a lot of work to be done on the developer’s end to make sure the SDK integrates with the main application’s performance and functionality. This results in a lengthy journey ahead for the developer to build an optimised keyboard experience.

“As a team of engineers ourselves, the goal of our Developer Platform is to provide our Fleksy SDK to developers from all-sizes, across the globe. Developers can now grab our SDK easily, and build a 10x better software keyboard in 90% less time – all at a price that corresponds to their expectations”, says Francesc Garcia, CTO of Fleksy.

In its first iteration, white-label service provider, Fleksy, focused on accessibility to developers – creating a developer-centric, integration journey via detailed SDK docs for both iOS and Android Developers. Coupled with a developers’ support forum, Fleksy’s latest endeavour is to help developers build outstanding products instead of half-baked and under-performing products that are made up of multiple pieces of open source codebase. 

For context, traditional methods – such as pure licensing – can be inefficient in terms of the sales cycle for indie developers, startups or new ventures. This is where the Developer Platform comes in to disrupt the market of licence-based work. After learning from their prospects’ needs and expectations, Fleksy decided to cut a crossline and implement a powerful self-serve platform, using the same powerful SDK their larger clients currently utilise.

This means that Fleksy is moving from traditional licensing, where competitors are currently sitting, toward an alternative model that focuses on developers. In turn, this will lead to Fleksy’s technology becoming more freely accessible.

Here, the purpose is to make the developers’ journeys as frictionless as possible to test and try the SDK’s tech – for free. The decision Fleksy took to dramatically lower the costs of building a custom keyboard SDK is fuelled by the company’s aim to make this type of service widely accessible, spanning a variety of SMBs, startups and even large enterprises. 

The Developer Platform also means that the pressure of deadlines is also eased. When trailing Fleksy’s keyboard SDK (via the portal), a demo product can be used and tested – without rush. Developers have the freedom to build on the SDK until they are ready to ship and scale their product.

Fleksy hinted that templates or “triggers” included in the keyboard SDK range from data templates to word and button triggers. Invoking search via the keyboard, in whichever API being used, can also be tested. As a bonus, helpful learning materials can be accessed, via the Fleksy Developer Platform, that explain all the need-to-knows. This is to offer various, much needed, support services.

A great deal of businesses, ranging from start-ups to corporates, can benefit from high-functioning white-lable services. The issue is that, with most SDK providers, the focus is still on selling complex and lengthy software licensing agreements (“SLAs”). Fleksy’s SDK Developer Platform hopes to disrupt this practice completely by granting developers the opportunity to build on top of Fleksy’s keyboard SDK. After serving countless businesses, Fleksy is focusing its attention on any developer who needs a powerful keyboard input method for their mobile applications.

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