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Case Study – Snapp Automotive’s Quest for Excellence

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Problem 

In an era of connected vehicles, Snapp Automotive, a prominent player in the Android Automotive ecosystem, faced the challenge of enhancing driver interaction with in-car infotainment systems. With the anticipation of increased interaction between drivers and their vehicles’ infotainment systems, the need for a robust and user-friendly language input solution became paramount. Snapp Automotive recognized the importance of addressing this challenge to not only meet evolving user expectations but also to elevate the overall driving experience.

The Solution

Snapp Automotive turned to Fleksy, a pioneer in language input technology, to forge a client relationship aimed at delivering a tailored solution. Fleksy’s expertise in virtual keyboard technology became instrumental in addressing Snapp Automotive’s unique requirements. 

The integration of Fleksy’s advanced keyboard into Snapp Automotive’s proprietary operating system, SnappOS, emerged as the cornerstone of the solution. This chapter explores how Fleksy, serving as a trusted service provider, streamlined the integration process through its Virtual Keyboard SDK and collaborated closely with Snapp Automotive to bring about a transformative in-car interface.

The joint result between Fleksy and Snapp Automotive stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in solving complex challenges. Through a client-centric approach, Fleksy not only met but exceeded Snapp Automotive’s expectations, contributing to the evolution of in-car interfaces. The conclusion reflects on the successful integration, highlighting the seamless typing experience across SnappOS and the enhanced usability for drivers. This chapter also emphasises the commitment of both companies to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the automotive technology landscape.

About Snapp Automotive

Snapp Automotive was founded by a team of experts in Android Automotive who witnessed the challenges faced by large OEMs in creating software for cars. With a mission to bring the development speed and quality of the tech industry to the car industry, Snapp Automotive created Snapp OS – an innovative infotainment system that offers world-class design and high levels of customization for a fraction of the cost and development time. Snapp OS is aimed at startup and low-volume carmakers and is offered as a development platform for large OEMs and suppliers. For more information, visit 

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