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Vimodji expands globally with Fleksyapps

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mini-app programs also known as Fleksyapps are on the rise! Hear one brand’s first-hand experience with creating a Fleksyapp, and how it helped their business thrive!

Vassilis Kallitsis is the Founder and CEO of Vimodji. He has 20 years of experience as a Film and Marketing Director. His passion is film and music and he envisioned Vimodji as a new language of communication among users who can share their emotions and feelings with quality content on the internet.

Vimodji Team with Vassilis, CEO (pictured left)

1. What was the main driving factor for you to join the Fleksyapps platform

In our search for keyboard apps that would be ideal for Vimodji to be integrated with, we found Fleksy. Fleksy keyboard was innovative, fast, had a large user base and was one of the best keyboard apps we had seen in the market. We immediately contacted Fleksy and started discussing our integration in the Fleksy keyboard. Becoming a Fleksyapp, was an inevitable step forward.

2. How Fleksy helped your app reach a new audience?

Through Fleksy’s smart suggestions depending on what users type, Vimodji’s brand and logo are promoted. Fortunately, many users who find us through this method, start sharing Vimodjis. We are very happy with the retention rate that we get, and our user base through Fleksy grows daily.

3. How did the process go for creating a Fleksyapp — how was the experience with the Fleksy team?

The Fleksy team was excellent during our co-operation and solved all technical issues in due time. We haven’t had any technical issues so far and everything works flawlessly.

4. How long did it take to get your app listed on the Felskyapp Store?

After our agreement, it took one month to be integrated into the Fleksyapp.

Creating Fleksyapps is a quick and easy process. All of the development work is handled in-house by our team of developers. In the future, the platform will be open for anyone to create a Fleksyapp in a matter of hours.

5. What did you achieve with Fleksyapps that could have not been achieved through the App Store or the Play Store?

With the exception of the Vimodji iMessage app, there is no other way for a user to have Vimodjis handy in their messaging conversations. Fleksy solved that problem and now Vimodjis can be used in all messaging platforms for Android users. This is really important in a time when ease of use is a critical factor for an app to succeed.

6. How do you see Fleksyapps evolving in the future?

We are confident that Fleksy will become a default keyboard for many original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and increase its user base fast. And with Fleksy’s success, our app will reach more audiences.

Thank you, Vassilis, for reaching out on behalf of the Vimodji team! We are thrilled to help brands like Vimodji achieve a higher level of recognition around the globe 🌎. Fun and useful content has never been easier to access.

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