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Unlocking the Future of Augmented Reality: The Magic of Gesture Control and Virtual Keyboards

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In a recent episode of “Everything Everywhere XR“, our CEO, Olivier Plante and Ohto Pentikainen took us on a thrilling journey into the future of Extended Reality (XR) input methods. With passion and innovation at the forefront, they unveiled groundbreaking developments in XR technology.

Gesture Detection: Turning XR Magic into Reality

Helsinki-based startup Double Point is spearheading the XR revolution with its cutting-edge gesture detection and optical sensors. Picture this: you’re immersed in a virtual world, and your every movement is effortlessly translated into XR actions. Apple’s validation of Double Point’s approach, particularly the double-tap gesture, adds a stamp of approval to their vision. The switch to muscle activation as a new input paradigm is a game-changer, promising lightweight headsets integrated into our daily lives.

Fleksy: Bridging the Gap Between XR and Reality

From Montreal to Barcelona, Olivier’s entrepreneurial journey led to the company Fleksy is today, a virtual keyboard company that provides SDKs to other digital businesses. Fleksy’s focus on B2B applications, including Mental Healthcare and Augmented Reality, highlights the versatility of XR technology. Typing in XR has its unique challenges, and Olivier emphasizes the importance of advanced haptic feedback and hybrid solutions that combine virtual and physical keyboards for a seamless typing experience. The company’s Predictive Text SDK enables any company or developer to build a powerful virtual keyboard in Unity.

Wristbands: The Gateway to XR Interaction

Wristbands are set to revolutionize vision-based interaction in XR. These nifty devices detect micro-movements, making gestures and device control a breeze, especially in cultures like Finland, where subtlety is valued. Hand tracking algorithms hold immense potential for controlling a wide array of devices, from IoT home gadgets to universal controllers.

Virtual Keyboards: Making Typing Magical in XR

Imagine typing on an XR keyboard that feels as natural as a physical one. Haptic feedback & precision are part of the secret sauce, creating a magical and precise typing experience. Augmented Reality takes the lead in text input, thanks to algorithms that detect hand movements and predict autocorrected words.

Interactive Models: Shaping the Future of XR

Swipe to delete a word, hold the spacebar to select text – these intuitive models are transforming the XR landscape. Developers wield the power to shape the XR industry by creating user-friendly models that enhance the user experience.

The Future of XR Input: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

The future of XR input is tantalizing. Eye tracking, swiping, and wrist gestures are emerging as natural methods for XR interaction. Haptic technology is pivotal, offering realistic feedback that enhances immersion. The ability to interact with virtual objects as if they were real is the stuff of XR dreams.

AR Technology: Integrating Seamlessly into Daily Life

Augmented Reality (AR) is on the cusp of becoming an integral part of our lives. Picture yourself controlling devices and appliances with gestures and voice commands, bringing unparalleled convenience to your daily routine. Standardization and integration are the cornerstones of AR’s journey into our everyday existence.

The Symphony of Sound in XR

Sound design is also a crucial component of XR. The harmony and speed of virtual keyboard sounds create a lifelike typing experience. Sound also serves as confirmation for user actions, enhancing the overall XR immersion.


In conclusion, the future of XR is nothing short of extraordinary. Gesture control and virtual keyboards are transforming XR input methods into a realm of magic and innovation. As developers continue to push boundaries and integrate XR seamlessly into our lives, we can look forward to a world where virtual and augmented reality enhance our experiences and interactions like never before. The XR revolution has just begun, and it promises to be a thrilling journey into the unknown.

If you are building new XR experiences, give us a shout and let us help you with our set of text input SDKs.

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