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How to make Smart TV typing a less painful experience

Let’s face it. Despite all of those Apple TV remotes, mini wireless keyboards, and trackpads, it can be an absolute pain to type on your Smart TV. You end up having to redo mistakes, typing slower, or having to press more than once just to get the right search done.

As you can see on the following video, searching is painful.

For something that’s meant to be convenient, it ends up feeling like a newly created hassle. Thankfully, the best keyboard technology should allow you to maximize the true convenience and purpose of Smart TVs.

Using an Android SDK Keyboard

This is useful as both a consumer end-solution and software that can be integrated into packages from businesses that offer Smart TV options.

An android SDK keyboard is basically a replacement for the original on-screen keyboard. This software is used to generate a virtual keyboard that can let the user directly type using their local language.

Developers ensure that the layout is still natural and in line with physical keyboards. However, it has the benefits of providing faster reaction time and customizability.

Benefits and integration of the Android SDK Keyboard

Fleksy provides such a keyboard with complete privacy settings that protect users from keystroke monitoring and recording. This means business-related data and passwords are not at risk whenever using this software.

It is also highly customizable, making it perfect for different user interfaces and devices. This is highly useful if applied to different models of phones, and it can be used to interact with a variety of Smart TV brands. Removing a lot of the hardware and software compatibility that is usually faced by such devices makes the process of connecting a lot simpler.

It’s also much faster, with little lag between a keystroke or press and the actual input. Fleksy takes a lot of pride in providing world-record speed when it comes to typing, with an intuitive gesture system and autocorrection available for more than 81 languages.

The system makes use of proprietary algorithms and a full white-label setup to cater to various user habits while providing security and efficiency. It can even be installed on a per-app basis if that’s the preferred usage for keyboards.

The future of Smart TVs

As virtual keyboards start to become adopted and redistributed by various providers, we can expect the future of Smart TVs to be even faster and more intuitive. This makes the concept of smart technology a more promising mainstream endeavor because of how easier keyboard integration will make things accessible to users of different ages.

With language customization, end-user licenses, swipe typing, and layout options, gone are the days where users have to re-learn certain aspects just to make use of a decent and secure keyboard for their Smart TV needs.


So, make things easier from both a business and end-user perspective by integrating a private SDK keyboard into your Smart TV systems. Once you go for it, there’s really no going back to those days of reconnecting, backspacing, and headaches.

It is also important to note that linking both the smartphone keyboard typing with the Smart TV will dramatically improve the speed of search overall, resulting in an outstanding Smart TV user experience.

The Fleksy private keyboard is built to enable businesses to create unimaginable products. Get in touch to find the solutions that fit your needs. 

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