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How Fleksy is powering the text input industry

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In the world of digital communication, Fleksy has emerged as a pivotal force, levelling up the way we interact with virtual keyboard applications on iOS and Android. Our journey, marked by innovation and determination, has led to a staggering 200% growth year-on-year in terms of Industries served, a testament to our commitment and the trust placed in us by diverse industries worldwide. This growth narrative isn’t just about numbers; it’s a story of enhancing everyday communication across various sectors, from healthcare to cybersecurity. As we reflect on our progress, we’re proud to share insights into how Fleksy is powering change, one keystroke at a time.

Mental Healthcare

In Healthcare, Fleksy’s impact is deeply felt. Our relationships with leading organizations like Ksana Health, BrainAware, Area2 AI, and Keywise AI are transforming the way neurological science is monitored simply by analyzing how people type. By integrating our advanced virtual keyboard technology, these companies have unlocked new efficiencies and improved patient interactions.

Ksana Health utilizes our technology to facilitate mental health assessments, while BrainAware integrates it into their cognitive health monitoring systems. Area2 AI and KeywiseAI leverage Fleksy’s capabilities to enhance clinical decision-making and patient data entry. This fusion of Fleksy’s innovative technology with healthcare expertise not only streamlines workflow but also elevates the quality of patient care.


Fleksy’s journey into the hospital sector has marked a significant milestone in enhancing communication within medical settings. Our work with Hawaii Pacific Health stands as a prime example of this impact. By integrating Fleksy’s virtual keyboard technology, we’ve made strides in simplifying the way nurses and doctors interact with digital systems, significantly reducing time spent on text input. This efficiency is critical in high-pressure environments where every second counts.

Moreover, we are in the process of forging new strategic partnerships aimed at further easing the communication burden on healthcare professionals. These partnerships are focused on delivering solutions that cater to the unique needs of hospital settings, ensuring that medical staff can focus more on patient care and less on losing time double-checks of text input, handling of miscommunications, etc.

Generative AI

The realm of Generative AI has witnessed a remarkable transformation with Fleksy’s involvement. Our collaborations with product teams like RizzGPT, Auri AI, AIsland and ParagraphAI underline our commitment to advancing AI-driven text solutions. Our SDKs have enabled these AI companies to integrate Fleksy’s keyboard technology, enhancing user interaction and efficiency in generating content.

RizzGPT and AuriAI, for instance, have seen significant improvements in user input mechanisms, making their AI tools more intuitive and accessible. AIsland and ParagraphAI leverage our technology to streamline their content creation processes, offering users a seamless typing experience coupled with the super powers of Generative AI. This synergy between Fleksy and Generative AI companies is not just about technological integration; it’s about setting new benchmarks in AI user interaction and efficiency across apps people love using everyday.


In the crucial realm of cybersecurity, Fleksy’s influence has been instrumental. Our strategic partnership with Guardsquare and our participation in Abanca Innova highlight our commitment to securing digital fintech solutions.

Guardsquare, a leader in mobile app security, has incorporated Fleksy’s keyboard technology to bolster its security measures, ensuring that sensitive data entry remains protected against vulnerabilities.

Similarly, Abanca, renowned for its banking security solutions, leverages our technology to enhance the security and efficiency of customer interactions. These collaborations signify more than just technological integration; they represent a shared vision of safeguarding digital communication in an era where cybersecurity is paramount.

By aligning with these industry leaders, Fleksy is at the forefront of delivering secure, reliable, and user-friendly keyboard solutions in the cybersecurity sector.

Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC)

Fleksy’s presence into the AAC sector, particularly through serving SayIt and Tobii Dynavox, reflects our dedication to inclusivity in communication technologies. These companies enable individuals with speech and language impairments to express themselves more effectively.

SayIt’s integration of Fleksy’s keyboard has enhanced user interaction, making communication more accessible. Similarly, Tobii Dynavox’s use of our technology in their products has significantly improved the user experience for those relying on AAC solutions.

Logistics Sector

In the logistics domain, Fleksy’s collaboration with several key players under NDA illustrates our growing influence in mixed device environments. Our technology is being leveraged to streamline communication and data entry processes in logistics operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. These collaborations underscore Fleksy’s versatility in adapting to various industry needs, even in complex logistical environments.


Fleksy’s journey, characterized by significant collaborations across diverse sectors, underscores our core focus on providing a software infrastructure (or backbone) to level up text communication, one keystroke at a time.

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