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Fleksy’s Virtual Keyboard Now Elevates RizzGPT AI keyboard Across Multiple Platforms

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In today’s digital age, where the average person spends approximately 3 to 5 hours a day on their mobile devices, the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively is more important than ever.

Fleksy is proud to announce that its Virtual Keyboard SDK is now a key component in enhancing user experience of RizzGPT on both iOS and Android, a leading AI-driven platform renowned for its adaptive conversational capabilities in social and dating scenarios.

Elevating User Experience

With users spending increasingly more time on dating apps—some reports suggest an average of 10 hours a week—RizzGPT offers tailored conversational prompts to help navigate romantic and social connections. The integration of Fleksy’s virtual keyboard technology with RizzGPT empowers users to input their thoughts swiftly and accurately, thus enhancing the overall utility of RizzGPT’s AI-driven suggestions.

The Fleksy keyboard technology, designed to optimize typing efficiency, includes advanced autocorrect algorithms, customizable layouts, and a predictive typing engine that adapts to individual user patterns. This ensures that users of RizzGPT can communicate their thoughts seamlessly across various platforms, making every interaction not only quicker but also more intuitive.

Technical Synergy for Better Digital Communication

The synergy between Fleksy’s robust keyboard functionalities and RizzGPT’s AI capabilities represents a significant step in our ongoing efforts to refine how users engage with digital platforms. By enabling faster input methods and smarter interaction capabilities—crucial in today’s fast-paced digital environments—we enhance user experiences at a fundamental level.

In an era where mobile device usage and text input continue to rise, with over 70% of mobile users preferring text messaging for its speed and convenience, the importance of an efficient keyboard technology cannot be overstated. Fleksy’s technology is particularly adept at understanding and adapting to user preferences, which complements RizzGPT’s AI in providing responses that are not only contextually appropriate but also aligned with the user’s unique communication style.

Looking to the Future: The AI Revolution in Communication

As we integrate our technology with platforms like RizzGPT, we are part of a broader revolution set to redefine human-machine interaction. The future promises even more sophisticated AI systems that can better mimic and enhance human communication styles, making digital interactions more enriching and impactful.

Considering the rapid advancements in AI, and with ongoing innovations in user interface technologies, the potential for transformative change in digital communication is immense. As AI continues to advance, its integration into everyday technologies like virtual keyboards will become more profound, further blurring the lines between human intuition and machine intelligence.


The work with RizzGPT is a clear indicator of the transformative potential of combining advanced typing solutions with powerful AI-driven platforms. This example is just one example of how Fleksy is contributing to the broader digital communication revolution.

With mobile users spending significant portions of their day interacting through text, the impact of our technology is substantial and growing. We are excited about the future developments in this space, where the journey of innovation is ongoing, and we are just at the beginning of discovering all that AI can do to transform the way we connect, understand, and interact in the digital age.

To learn more about Fleksy set of products, get in touch with us or browse our solutions for more concrete examples of how Fleksy SDKs can become the backbone of your top ideas.

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