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5 innovations in Digital Signage

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Digital signages, while often used to loop videos and images, can be used to build strong relationships with customers when used effectively. For businesses looking to transform their retail stores for providing better customer experiences, digital signage is something worth paying attention to.

Here are a few ways in which digital signages can be leveraged to connect with customers: 

1. Allow for Mobile Integration

Mobile integration has become increasingly popular over the past few years and it certainly extends to retail stores and digital signage. It could perfectly complement retail stores, as it allows customers to find information about stores right from their smartphones. 

One great way to maximize mobile integration is to offer QR codes that could be displayed on signages. The QR code could effortlessly take customers anywhere on the web, from the store website to coupons they can readily use. It could also trigger opening an app that can interact with the digital signage. With mobile devices and QR codes, the opportunities to get creative are limitless. 

2. Showcase Different Content

Digital signages can be used to do more than just loop videos and images. For example, they could be used to display the store’s latest promotions with the flexibility to accommodate different promotions, changing depending on the day of the week, time of the day or even based on who passes by it, if their device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

In other words, digital signages are extremely dynamic in that they allow you to showcase whatever you want at any time. Coupons and deals could become more contextual if the shopper can act on his phone, thereby making engagement fast and intuitive. This way, customers can be made aware of deals and offerings they can make the best use of, and also keep them looking forward to upcoming promos, showcases and so on. 

3. Enables Customers to Interact with Products

Digital signages also make for an excellent way to showcase products. Instead of simply listing product information, some interactivity could be added to the mix. With interactive digital signage, you can allow your customers to zoom in on products, read reviews or even make purchases right away. 

Additionally, if you want to make the experience even more immersive and engaging, you could even include videos to show the product in action. It’s a win- win for customers as well as for retailers.

4. Employ Sensor Displays

Interestingly, digital signage can be equipped with sensors to enable the display of relevant information like alerts or promotions when someone is near them. Digital signage could also double as information screens for customers, for instance, to let them know where washrooms, trial rooms or emergency exits are. 

5. The mobile-driven digital signage

To illustrate the concept, consider that the mobile phone is you and the digital signage is everyone else. With the mobile-signage interconnection, you can merge with everyone, giving rise to new types of interactions. For instance, imagine making it possible for users to become players of a scavenger hunt game by simply scanning a QR code and having them “catch coupons”. 


While a fair share of digital signages cover the functionality aspects of display, there is so much more that could be done with them. Interactivity and dynamism make digital signage an effective tool for retailers to engage their customers in this ever-changing commercial landscape. 

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