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Define an event when a keyboard user taps a special button on the keypad

Provide events infos while users are texting

We foresee a future where fans from all around the world can access the latest news from an event, their idols, favourite sports team and consult upcoming games, events & concerts within the keyboard interface

Flight itineraries, prices & general information

Travelling decisions with friends can be challenging. We imagine a keyboard shortcut key access to flight information. Travel companies can become enablers of a better asynchronous decision making process

Get into a calm space, when most needed

Let the keyboard recognise negativity or a stressful text communication. Get your app to show up and allow a quick access to a safe meditative or breathing exercise.

Fast access to calendar availabilities while communicating

We illustrate a calendar player providing its organisational capabilities across any messaging apps. With a single tap, let users access and share their availabilities instantly and conveniently

*All examples above require to be developed in part


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