We have been receiving a lot of comments from our users regarding the need for having a light version of Fleksy. Not taking our user’s feedback lightly, we have been working hard on this improvement and we’re delighted to announce that our app size has been reduced by 40%!

Read on to see how we managed to make this great leap and bring an app store into the keyboard that will free up even more space!

Focusing on what’s important

Fleksy was able to reduce App size by 40% by removing the themes’ background images that were stored by default inside the app. So, rather than having all of the themes automatically downloaded with the app, from now on, the theme will only be downloaded when you tap the “Get it” button.

Reducing our app size will also give our engineering team more room to add more important features that will keep on giving Fleksy a competitive edge. It also makes it even more appealing to users with low gig phones. Finally, this will enable us to add even more themes for you to choose from!

Reducing our footprint even further with Fleksyapps

On top of having made Fleksy lighter, you can also access Fleksyapps inside your keyboard without having to download anything! Fleksyapp saves you tons of space on your smartphone by allowing you to access services like Yelp or GIPHY without needing to have their original apps downloaded on your device. And we made this even easier thanks to the recently launched Fleksyapp Store available within Fleksy.

If you are messaging all day, it becomes essential to have access to your most useful apps without ever needing to leave your conversation! That being said, if you need more from Yelp, we encourage you to keep their full-fledged app around!

Fleksyapps hardly take up any room on your smartphone because they are built into the keyboard and connect via REST APIs.

“We managed to reduce Fleksy’s app size without sacrificing any features!” — Francesc, Fleksy’s CTO.

We hope you enjoy the new, lighter, Fleksy and we’ll keep you guys hungry for more with what’s coming ahead. If you want to know more about our plans, check them out here in our Community.

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