Oh boy. This one's a doozy everybody. We just launched by far the biggest update to Fleksy we've EVER released, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

After 3 million downloads in just over a year, we felt like we needed to do something huge to celebrate. So, we're revolutionizing how you input on your mobile devices with Fleksy by launching Extensions.

Extensions are customizable functionality enhancements for the keyboard, which turn Fleksy into a platform with multiple fun and useful input options.

We'll be the first Android keyboard with GIF support, making finding and sending GIFs as easy as emoji. We'll also be the first keyboard to function as an Android launcher. See the bottom of this post for the full list of Extensions available at launch. These extensions are just the beginning, we have a lot more on the way in the future...

Extensions are activated in the Fleksy app by assigning them to “Slots”. Initially, all users will receive 3 slots FREE, which can be used to set their initial Extensions. Extensions may be activated and deactivated at will, with additional slots available for purchase in the Store.

We're also bringing a big redesign to the Fleksy app, to accommodate the new customization options. On top of that, we're really beefing up the number of themes available, including adding branded themes from Frozen and The Hunger Games! Our Android app is also getting a really cool Chameleon theme, which changes colors based on the app you're in.

We have big things planned for next year. For now, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy your new Extensions!

Get Fleksy on iOS and Android

v5.0 Extensions

GIFs - The GIFs Extension allows you to discover and send GIFs as easily as emoji. Browse curated categories, or search for your own. No matter what you’re doing, your favorite GIFs are just a tap away.

Launcher - Turn Fleksy into an Android Launcher with the Launcher Extension. Instantly navigate to your most frequently-used apps, right from the Fleksy keyboard! *Android-only.

One-Handed Typing - Love that big new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen, but have trouble typing one-handed? The One-Handed Typing Extension makes Fleksy easy to reach, even on those big screens. *iOS-only.

Editor/Cursor Control - Use the Editor Extension for quick and easy editing and formatting. Press and drag on the spacebar to move your cursor, or use the Extension bar to copy/paste, indent, and much more! Cursor Control on iOS allows you to press and drag on spacebar to control your cursor.

Number Row - Tired of needing to toggle the number pad while typing? Type faster and more comfortably by adding the Number Row Extension.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Add the Keyboard Shortcuts Extension to your Fleksy Keyboard on Android for the fastest typing experience yet. Save shortcuts and turn things like “omw” to “on my way!”. *Android-only (iOS users can use the iOS shortcuts functionality with Fleksy).

Rainbow Key Pops - Love showing your Fleksy colors? Add the Rainbow Key Pops Extension and every key you tap will pop with a new vibrant color!

Invisible Keyboard - Fleksy is so accurate you can type without even seeing the keyboard! With the Invisible Keyboard Extension, you can turn Fleksy completely transparent, letting you see ALL of your screen while you type. *Android-only.