As many of you already know, we recently launched Fleksy VO on iOS, an earlier version of the Fleksy app but one we believe is the best Fleksy version for VoiceOver users.

We have received and read all of your feedback. The majority of the feedback has been positive and we greatly appreciate it but we understand that there have been some concerns regarding this decision.

Our decision to revert to a previous version of Fleksy for VoiceOver users on iOS is only temporary. Our goal has always been to make Fleksy available to as many users as possible, but making this possible poses many challenges for developers like ourselves.

In order accomplish this goal, we made some key changes that included implementing Fleksy as an SDK. We won’t go into the technical details but suffice it to say that this has been a challenging feat. We realized that Fleksy, as is, was not meeting the needs of ALL our users and we needed to take immediate action in order to offer a product we felt was 100% functional.

Our long term goal is to offer one app on iOS that meets the needs of everyone. We are 100% committed to this and we are already making great strides to accomplish this goal. We will keep everyone updated on our progress. In the meantime however, we strongly recommend that VoiceOver users download and install Fleksy VO in order to have the best user experience as possible. Your personalized dictionary will continue to work with this version.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback and suggestions and we encourage everyone to share their opinion with us.

Happy Typing!

Fleksy Team